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Solar Data Could Be the Lifeblood of Your Business—But Only When Engineered for the Right Objectives

Why should I care about data engineering?

Data is used for decision-making, and messy data can lead to messy decisions. A sales-driven company that has a convoluted CRM will have difficulty prioritizing where to focus their energy.

Manufacturers with gaps in their monitoring data won’t ever be able to calculate a true average over the life of their sensors. Energy monitors that use data to visualize data for customers may lose the trust of their customers.

Data is often looked at as the source of truth, and if that source begins to appear untruthful with data spikes or incomplete or undependable data, both stakeholders and customers begin to lose faith in the business.

Engineering data towards specific stakeholder objectives can often be overlooked in favor of "quick and dirty" solutions for what's needed at the time, only to discover limits that will prevent you from meeting your evolving objectives.

Why are most subscription-based solutions inadequate in the long run?

Besides building software in-house, a majority of businesses in the solar industry turn to out-of-the-box, subscription-based solutions to their Data Engineering woes.

While monthly or annual software subscriptions might make sense on paper, the initial savings and convenience you’ll experience will eventually give way to a bigger problem—you don’t actually own any of your software, and it’s subtracting value from your business rather than adding value.

Why is Sudokrew the ideal option?

Understanding and handling critical data is our specialty. We understand and value the collection of data, architecting, and building high performance data infrastructure for data-driven applications.

We keep up-to-date with the latest best practices in data infrastructure and data security to ensure that applications are collecting, storing, and displaying the correct data for the correct reasons.

Our understanding of energy data in particular stands out, as our development team knows the difference between watts, volts, and kWh metrics to provide relevant data that’s critical for players in the energy space.

We’ve performed massive ETL services for terabytes of data, and can engineer data solutions for the largest of data lakes to bring you the data your business needs to thrive.

What’s more, all of the software we build belongs to our clients, giving you a more secure alternative to subscription models that could go under without warning. When you own your data—and the software behind that data—you’re adding to your business in terms of convenience, long-term costs, and total valuation of your solar business.

Building innovative solutions to solar Data Engineering problems is one of our specialties. Get in touch with us right now and find out just how powerful and valuable your data truly is.