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Your Solar Data Is Priceless—But Are You Storing it Correctly?

Countless companies are storing the right data suboptimally—at major costs in performance, reliability and storage. We’ll help your business discover and implement more cost-effective solutions that will deliver ROI for years to come.

What is the biggest problem facing people in the renewable energy industry regarding data storage?

We often see organizations using data storage technologies that are not optimized for their objectives, which can lead to performance issues and accessibility issues in retrieving or querying the data.

Temperature, power, voltage readings—the variance of these metrics, as well as the use-cases, can lead to many pitfalls in choosing the optimal storage technology. Suboptimal technologies often lead to issues in performance, accessibility, and/or querying limitations.

Many organizations aren’t aware of the different data storage technologies available and how they can leverage them for their objectives. This leads to lost opportunities, a lack of visibility that this data may provide, or performance limits in the applications that rely on this data.

How is this problem affecting my business?

Lacking expertise on data technologies can affect businesses in a number of ways:

  • Loss of data
  • Performance issues in their applications
  • Incomplete reporting
  • Costly storage costs for using a solution that hasn’t been optimized for the objectives of the solution

At the end of the day, improper data storage is costing you money and making your business run less efficiently.

What's the solution?

Storing data correctly starts with collecting and documenting the objectives of your organization, figuring out how you’re using the data, and evaluating your options (in terms of data storage technologies) to meet those objectives.

That’s easier said than done, and often businesses are faced with a tough decision that will affect their bottom line for years to come.

Why is Sudokrew the ideal option for solving data storage problems?

Sudokrew has a team of data experts that are familiar with the objectives of the renewable energy industry, and the technologies that can best serve those objectives.

We take a long-term view of where the organization is going and how their data could play a role for their immediate needs and their future endeavours.

We’ve seen the mistakes of projects we’ve inherited that are using non-optimized data storage technologies, and how to vet technologies for the organization’s objectives.