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Why Aggregating Your Data May Be More Valuable Than You Thought

What is the biggest problem facing people in the renewable energy industry regarding Data Aggregation?

Whether you’re an O&M provider or an investor, you’re likely provided with multiple monitoring aggregators and need to login to several platforms to collect the data you need for your reports.

This process is clumsy, inefficient, and should be automated to save everyone in your business as much pain and frustration as possible.

When you look at your options, it’s hard to choose the best solution for managing your aggregators.

Do you build out your own software in-house? If so, then be prepared to deal with the high costs and time commitments of hiring and training the right team.

Do you look for yet another app that requires a monthly subscription? If so, what do you do when the business you rely on today isn’t around tomorrow?

Do you hire a software agency to build your own program? If so, how do they handle ownership of the finished product? Will your new software truly be yours?

Why is Sudokrew the ideal option for aggregation?

We understand that working with separated energy monitoring solutions like Locus, Also Energy, and Enphase can sometimes mean working with a variety of interfaces and logins to simply aggregate data. We believe this is work that should be done by computers on behalf of the businesses, and can work with your energy monitoring providers to consolidate and aggregate this data for your specific business objectives and specific business automations.

Besides that, aggregating this data tends to be only half the battle. After the data is aggregated, alerts, actions, and triggers can be automated—which we’ll also take care of.

Our clients enjoy highly flexible IP development ownership, meaning you get to keep your software solution—adding to the value of your business instead of draining your bank account every month with subscription fees.

When you’re ready to start aggregating your aggregators and make your life a whole lot easier, get in touch with us ASAP to find out how we make it quick and painless.