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Solar Firms Can Lose Big When They Ignore Data Visualization—Here’s How to Win

If data isn’t understood intuitively by the user, is it actually useful? With award-winning data visualization results, we’ll help your business turn piles of obtuse data into easy-to-understand information that moves your business forward.

Why should I care about data visualization?

One of the most common problems we hear from people in the industry is that their existing data visualizations are ugly, not user-friendly, etc. That may be subjective, but roughly translated our clients are saying:

I don’t like looking at our data.

That’s a far bigger problem than it appears on the surface—when you don’t like looking at your data, you’re not really using it. And when you’re not really using it, it’s not really worth anything.

Data visualizations should tell a meaningful story to your users. It shouldn’t be a chore to interpret, or be unattractive to work with. Data visualizations should also address the objectives of the organization, which tend to be pretty rigid when receiving them from third party licensors.

What's the problem with the way most solar businesses are making decisions from their data visualization?

Organizations that are currently using third party monitoring solutions are stuck with the visualizations provided to them, and don’t have much flexibility in how their data can be visualized.

Many of these visualizations are made for a specific user in mind, and so when a user with different objectives has to use the software the visualizations provided may be difficult to work with for that user.

Organizations with in-house engineering teams for proprietary software, on the other hand, often overlook the design process, as they may not staff designers who specialize in data visualization.

How is this issue affecting my business?

Data visualization is a big deal. When your data isn’t painting the right picture, then:

  • Users of the software may not be able to interpret the data to meet their objectives
  • Users may be interpreting the data incorrectly, leading to incorrect decisions
  • Users may not want to use the dashboard because they find it unattractive

What’s the solution?

Data visualizations should be created with the objectives of the user in mind, which requires an understanding of the user, what they’re trying to accomplish, and the data available to provide a visual that provides insight. With that in mind...

Why is Sudokrew the ideal option for logical, user-friendly data visualization?

We’ve won awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the American Advertising Federation for our work in data visualization, and consider data visualization as a critical piece of our data engineering operations.

One of the core philosophies that drive our projects is:

If the data isn’t understood intuitively by the user, is it actually useful?

We also designed and built Island Pulse, which is a data visualization display that was instrumental in the passage of House Bill 623—which set the nation’s first 100% renewable energy portfolio standard.

We’re quite proud of this project, and feel that it speaks as to how powerful data visualizations can be in creating real change.

Collecting relevant data is only part of the puzzle, and Data Visualization is the missing piece. If you’re looking to paint a clearer picture of the metrics that drive your business, get in touch with us ASAP and let’s talk about your project—after all, helping businesses like yours is literally all we do.