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Your Solar Energy Monitoring Software Could Be Holding Back Your Business

Energy monitoring often comes with delays or limits in aggregating and consolidating energy data. We’ll help you tackle the problem of building high-performance, efficient data pipelines to monitor your data in real time.

Why should I care about energy monitoring?

Nearly every stakeholder in the solar industry is (or should be) using some type of energy monitoring solution. The biggest problems that we see are twofold.

In the short term, it’s time consuming to aggregate energy monitoring reports via logging in/out of different monitoring portals. And in the long run, none of these stakeholders own their monitoring systems—subscription monitoring software is basically like renting.

Energy Monitoring is a major component of Asset Management, and like many stakeholders, you may view the two as synonymous. Indeed, monitoring is providing the vital data you need to make crucial business decisions.

What are the biggest issues involved with solar energy monitoring?

With Energy Monitoring, there are a wide variety of problems that could occur. The most common issues we’ve heard from our prospects and clients include:

  • Users sometimes inherit monitoring services from other stakeholders in the production chain, so they sometimes need to log into several different energy monitoring services to record and analyze their data—basically aggregating your aggregators, so to speak.
  • Users don’t end up owning their solution, which leads to a net loss of value over time for your business.
  • Devices sometimes fail in reporting data.
  • Storing of energy data is often inefficient when using non-optimized technology.
  • Querying of this data can be painfully slow depending on the type of storage technology they’re using.
  • Logging into several different energy monitoring solutions takes time, and there’s little control that the stakeholder has in maintaining their data or their monitoring services being used.

While these issues won’t cripple your business by themselves, they definitely add up to cause countless headaches, lost time and wasted energy when better solutions are readily available.

Why are most subscription-based solutions inadequate?

While licensing a subscription-based monitoring program may solve the immediate issues we’ve outlined above, it doesn’t address the most pressing problem—the one that will affect your business for years to come.

When you utilize software on an annual or monthly basis, you’re trusting your data (and your ability to store and analyze that data) to an outside entity. If at any point your software vendor goes out of business, where does that leave your data—and your business?

A better solution would be to own your software outright, adding value to your solar business and having more security and peace of mind when it comes to your priceless data.

Why is Sudokrew the ideal option for energy monitoring?

When we deliver software solutions to our clients, we aren’t just giving them a temporary “fix” for immediate problems. Our clients own their software, which pays dividends in the future both as an intellectual asset and as an Energy Monitoring system.

Our team is made up of skilled software engineers with a deep background in renewable energy, including the needs of business owners and stakeholders like you.

Compared to building your own software in-house (which is costly and time-consuming) or leasing SaaS from another company (which doesn’t add real value to your business), Sudokrew helps develop software solutions that deliver value to our clients both now and in the future.

If you’re ready to discover just how valuable (and easy) Energy Monitoring software can really be, contact us right now to talk to a pro—renewable energy solutions are literally all we do.